I like solving problems. I dabble in endurance running. My wife runs faster than I do.

I grew up in Upstate New York and moved to Santa Monica after high school in 1996 to pursue film. I briefly studied theory at the American Film Institute, but got distracted with surfing, climbing, and trail running—so I dropped out of school and explored California instead.

A few years later I read mathematician John von Neumann’s unfinished manuscript, The Computer and the Brain. It blew my mind—could code act like a person? I ended up at UC Berkeley and graduated with a degree in computer science in 2004.

I’ve been racing trail ultras since 2007, completing over 30 events—most recently the 2019 Tahoe 200 miler. Sometimes I even write about it. :)

In 2015 I read Waking Up. Since then I’ve established a pretty good meditation habit and like to think about consciousness. The Waking Up app is great.

I currently manage machine learning infrastructure at Stripe, enabling product teams to fight fraud in real-time. We support production models for Radar and Capital. More work stuff is here.